Found Art: Water Street


Found this on Water Street next to the Tobacco warehouse. There are so many graffiti art on that wall, I love walking by there. This one was added recently, caught my eye.

Water Street Mural Updates


During the DUMBO Arts Festival, I saw that the Water Street mural was getting some updates… (see above)

and here it is — they added some blue glares and lightnings:



and few yellow and white spots on the ground…


Hope you had a nice weekend! xo Hijiri

Found Type: FMEC

Hope you had a nice weekend… I had a shopping (for Japan!) and early dinner day with my friend in the city yesterday :) and while I was having fun, I found this sprayed letters “F M E C” everywhere on Houston Street. Blue on yellow. It stood out to me so I snapped a couple photos…

Have a great Monday, everyone!