Monogrammed Initial and Date Mug

It was a long Memorial day weekend here in US, I couldn’t pop in and wish you a happy weekend, but hope you had a great weekend… over the weekend, I came across these monogrammed initial and date mug by Etsy seller Wandersketch (found via Brooklyn Bride) and thought they are so cute! Love the hand-lettering initials. Perfect for a wedding gift :)


Charity Mugs

Charity Mugs from west elm. west elm will donate 50% of the purchase price from the sale of each mug to the organization represented. I like the water color paintings, too, I think I will pick up a few!

Hello Sunshine Mug

Hello Sunshine mug by Oh Leander. Hand painted by the artist on a ceramic mug — how simple yet cute!

With this, I am saying hello to the (hopefully filled with sunshine) Labor day weekend :) If you are in US, have a great long weekend! It will probably be a working weekend for me… but I will also try to enjoy my quiet time before the baby comes…

See you on Tuesday! xo Hijiri

Coffee Love

I love my cup of coffee every morning. I really do. Sometimes, I wake up just so I can have a fresh cup. It is my big motivation and inspiration everyday :) We actually love this coffee from San Francisco, called Blue Bottle Coffee (we used to live right around the corner from their Hayes Valley kiosk) and we just couldn’t have anything else after drinking that coffee everyday and now that we live in NYC, we actually subscribe their coffee twice a month ever since we moved here. (oh, I actually have blogged about it before! I will keep saying this over and over.) Yes, it is THAT good. And it is so worth waking up for.

Anyway. I’ve been finding some coffee related cool items here and there so I thought I should share my coffee love to you today <3 Enjoy!

Hello Darkness My Old Friend print (via scoutie girl):

Heart Coffee Scoop (found via etsy storque):

Love Coffee Mug:

Strong Coffee Poster:

hmmm these things are inspiring me to print something new… with coffee love in mind :) Something to think about… (sip sip)