DUMBO Arts Festival 2010

Found lots of arts as you can imagine throughout DUMBO Arts Festival last weekend, I loved every second of it everyday!

I think this might be my favorite work — chalk board + chalk line drawing of DUMBO (I think). The old brick building as a background is just perfect.

We happened to walk by when artists were working on this work…

and it was done by the weekend:

That’s a lot of work! Well done :)

Saw lots of artists working on a piece on the street…

and there was lots of live music everywhere, too… (these guys were awesome!)

Strong message with strong visuals…

The flag and the Brooklyn Bridge:

More will follow! :)

3 thoughts on “DUMBO Arts Festival 2010

  1. you really do show off art in the best ways. love the contrast of chalk on brick! yay. have a really great weekend!

  2. hi *gemmifer*

    hi allyn

    thank you, ladies!! Glad you enjoy this post as much as I do!!

    Have a great weekend to you guys! xo

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