LOVE Wood Type Blocks

LOVE these wood type blocks! From Vintage Marvels. It’ll look awesome when you print, too, makes me excited!

Happy Friday with Love <3 :) xo Hijiri

Love (New York City)

Came across this cute “Love (New York City)” card this morning and had to share :) By Kathryn Whyte. I love her style! Very simple and cute. Her hand-lettering is great, too.

and how cute are these baby cards?! Love <3

Very inspiring for my next card line, too… :) Happy Friday! xo Hijiri

Good Cheer Deals at Oh, Hello Friend

Heartfish Press is excited to announce this Good Cheer Deals over at Oh, Hello Friend this week! These letterpress prints are up to 40% off and free shipping to all US customers!

If you’ve been eyeing for any of these prints, please go over to this page and make your purchase from there. Offer is limited in quantities so hurry!

blackbird letterpress

blackbird letterpress

Kathryn from blackbird letterpress was so very kind and sent me some of her letterpress samplers after exchanging few tweets about UPPERCASE magazine issue 8 and how we both received my LOVE print. She told me to “slip it in the mag like it came that way ;)”! And here they are. I received not only one, but two! yipeeeeee!

blackbird letterpress

Love all her hand-curved arts. It really shows the warmth. “true LOVE” coaster is just perfect! (Our work was actually featured together at the UPPERCASE gallery, yay!)

Greetings from Louisiana:

blackbird letterpressblackbird letterpressblackbird letterpress

and her little note card was great, too, a piece of art for sure.

blackbird letterpress

THANK YOU so much, Kathryn!!