Found Art in Takamatsu Japan



It’s been a little while since I posted on Found Tuesday… I’ll be posting some I found while I was in Japan — this cute illustrations were for “No Parking” area in shopping arcade in Takamatsu city, Japan (my hometown!) It was so cute I had to take photos :) *There was a bicycle parked right next to the sign on the bottom photo — not cool!*

Happy Found Tuesday! xo Hijiri

One Girl Cookies


Hope you had a nice weekend… my weekend was filled with friend visits and laughter :) My friend and I got to hang out at the newly opened One Girl Cookies in DUMBO which I’d been waiting for for a long time, that was great! Had a whoopie pie, of course :P

They have a big wall of art in their shop and it is really cute. I was sitting right by it so I couldn’t take a whole picture of it, but it’s the details that make you smile. You will see their signature sweets everywhere in the illustration of DUMBO and some vintage photo collage — so sweet :)



Have a sweet week!

Found Art: Side of the Stairs in DUMBO

Found awesome black and white art on the side of the stairs on Washington Street. This is from DUMBO Arts Festival, I love when they keep some arts on the streets :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Another weekend has passed without our baby… soon, I hope! xo Hijiri

Love (Forever) Stamps

These Garden of Love stamps have been out for a while, but I finally bought some the other day and I am loving them! Aren’t they so cute and lovely? And it is the forever stamp so you can use it forever!

Working with art director Derry Noyes, award-winning illustrator José Ortega created an abstract garden of bright flowers, a butterfly, a strawberry, and doves, interlaced with vines that run from one stamp to another. Each prominent element of the design is in the shape of a heart. The deep blue background is reminiscent of a brilliant summer sky. The word “Love” sits atop each stamp.

Lots of heart shapes, lots of forever love! <3

Happy Friday and weekend!! with Love :) xo Hijiri