Good Life Print

Yesterday, one of my Live What You Love prints was featured in “The Experts Agree” with bunch of other awesome prints (thank you so much!) — I liked all the prints and especially, this Good Life print caught my eye, it’s all made with linoleum and letterpress printed!

Love the typography, too! I can hang this in my kitchen… :)

Available here by niftyswank.

Wishing You a Happy New Year…

This will be my last post of the year 2010… ((How fast did 2010 fly away? Was that a year ago already?!)) It’s been another great year here at Heartfish, thank you so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts, all your sweet words, cheers, smiles… everything! It really means a lot to me (happy tears) :)

It’ll be 3 years in January since I started this blog and I am launching a new letterpress company, Heartfish Press (have you signed up our mailing list yet?) then, too, so I think I’d like to stay focus on design inspirations even more next year… will have a fresh new look, new weekly posts etc. I can’t wait for you to see!

((Live What You Love 2011 Special Edition is on its way…))

We are driving up today to Cape Cod, Massachusetts to celebrate the new year’s day with our lovely friends :) Wishing you a very happy and exciting New Year… May 2011 be filled with joy, love and creativity!

I will see you all next Monday — that’ll be in 2011! Happy New Year :)

Live What You Love Letterpress Poster Special Edition

I knew this day would come someday… (I am really grateful to my customers!) I printed Live What You Love Special Edition in poster size! It was another fun thing to print, working with linoleum is always nice :)

Please enjoy the behind-the-scene photos here…

Using the tracing paper on top of the letter “O” area where the heart would be and draw the heart shape…

Trace the heart shape onto linoleum…

and curving time!

On Vandercool press — after inking, curve any excess area off so it prints clearly.

Take the first color gray poster…

and print on top — I didn’t have to adjust the placement this time :) ((aww so cute… gets me every time…))

and pink!

Here are final products…

Live What You Love Letterpress Poster Special Edition with Blue Heart:

Live What You Love Letterpress Poster Special Edition with Pink Heart:

Hope you like them!

and I am wishing you all a happy and fun 4th of July weekend!!!

Picasso: Themes and Variations

One of the exhibitions I saw at the MoMA last Sunday and thought it was really cool was Picasso’s “Themes and Variations” — it explores Picasso’s creative process through the medium of printmaking. Especially, it was so great to see his linoleum work as I sometimes work with the same medium.

Here is his inspiration:

and his work:

“One series of lithographs shows Picasso progressing, step-by-step, from a realistic depiction of a bull to one that is completely abstracted into schematic lines.” — I loved this!

Obviously, there are many more at the exhibition, I enjoyed it very much.

Oh wow, it is JULY!!! Happy July 1st, everyone!!