Live What You Love Letterpress Poster Special Edition

I knew this day would come someday… (I am really grateful to my customers!) I printed Live What You Love Special Edition in poster size! It was another fun thing to print, working with linoleum is always nice :)

Please enjoy the behind-the-scene photos here…

Using the tracing paper on top of the letter “O” area where the heart would be and draw the heart shape…

Trace the heart shape onto linoleum…

and curving time!

On Vandercool press — after inking, curve any excess area off so it prints clearly.

Take the first color gray poster…

and print on top — I didn’t have to adjust the placement this time :) ((aww so cute… gets me every time…))

and pink!

Here are final products…

Live What You Love Letterpress Poster Special Edition with Blue Heart:

Live What You Love Letterpress Poster Special Edition with Pink Heart:

Hope you like them!

and I am wishing you all a happy and fun 4th of July weekend!!!

Live What You Love Special Edition 2010 #2 (GIVEAWAY!)

I printed Live What You Love Special edition earlier this year in light grey with hot pink heart and it was gone so fast and I’d been asked about it so much that I decided to print another batch… this time in grey with red heart! One of my favorite color combinations :) To show my appreciation for all of you lovely readers and my dear supporters, I am giving away one of this prints! Thank you always so very much!!

Scenes from the studio…

The first color printed… without the heart.

Now, place the linoleum heart in the right place…

Adjust the placement and the height of the linoleum by placing papers on the bottom…

and there! Makes me smile every time :)

and here is the final product: Live What You Love Special Edition in Gray with Red Heart

To enter, please leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite color combination — 2 colors, please — by midnight EDT on Monday, May 17th and I will pick a winner and announce one next week!

You can be anywhere in the world, I will ship it to anywhere if you win :) Also, if you tweet about it (@hijirik) or if you mention about it on your blog, that gets you more entries — make sure to tell me by leaving another messages so I can count that, too! GOOD LUCK!! A big HEART to you all!! <3<3<3

LWYL Special Edition 2010

Last year, I printed the LWYL special edition in black with red heart… and this year 2010, I printed the special edition in… one of my favorite color combinations, gray with hot pink heart! I really had fun printing as the heart always makes me happy :)

Type setting without letter “O” — yup, there would be a heart there…

Adjusting the placement.. I love the accidental typographic art. So great.

When everything is set, just print away…

Next, set the curved linoleum heart in the place in between where the letter L and V were placed.

Hand mixed hot pink on the press…

a pink heart :)

Even though you thought you placed in the right place, you always have to adjust around until you have it right.

and there it is!

Live What You Love Special Edition 2010:

I hope you enjoy the process and the new print!

p.s I printed more orange, too… It had been out of stock for a while… but it’s back :)