Minimal Black Heart Print

I love this Minimal Black Heart print by the big harumph! Made with hand-pulled linoleum cut — love the texture and interesting pattern. Makes me want to work on some linoleum prints… :)

Good Life Print

Yesterday, one of my Live What You Love prints was featured in “The Experts Agree” with bunch of other awesome prints (thank you so much!) — I liked all the prints and especially, this Good Life print caught my eye, it’s all made with linoleum and letterpress printed!

Love the typography, too! I can hang this in my kitchen… :)

Available here by niftyswank.

Snowflake Holiday Gift Tag

I have worked on another snowflake linoleum the other day! This time it’s a little smaller scale – about 2×2 inches. It came out so nice and I made holiday gift tags by using the prints.

Just got done curving the lino:

Used silver ink:

Stamped “To” and “From”

Punched a hole and had red hemp thread go through and here it is!

Happy Friday, everyone! I am traveling back to New York – see you on Monday!

*I am giving away this holiday gift tag for all purchases you make at my etsy store. Happy shopping!

New Prints

I added these lino+stamped prints to my etsy store. These are absolutely one of a kind! I made more over the weekend (oh how fun!) and framed it one by one and took pictures one by one… now I really know how much work that is to have an online store. It’s all fun process, though!

So I’ve only listed 3 more today, more to come!

Available here — I hope they would be loved as much as they have been by me!