Heartfish Press Softly Launches…

It’s here! Happy 1.11.11! I sort of finished the new website and started preparing things for going live at 1:11pm… but of course, there are few problems (i.e URL — update: FIXED!) and I am still working working as of right now… but it’s out there now :) This is a really soft launch, though, and I was expecting some problems… so I’m not losing my mind or anything ;)

From the homepage, you can find that Heartfish Press is proud and excited to be showing at the National Stationery Show this year, that will be the big launch!

I still have so much to add for both my new shop and the custom gallery, I’ll just have to do the updates everyday this month… so please come back often :) The blog re-design is going to follow soon, too…! xo Hijiri

Coming Soon: Heartfish Press

I have a very exciting news to share today… I am so proud to announce that my studio is taking letterpress love to the next level — I am launching Heartfish Press on January 11, 2011! That is in 2 months, I picked today to announce because it’s 11.11.10 and one more number 1, it’s the launch day :)

This has been in the works for seems like ever… but I am super excited to finally make this official. The new website will have an online shop, custom gallery with all the letterpress work I’ve done for the last 2 years (including some work that I haven’t shared with you here) and much more. And this blog, Heartfish will stay the same here, maybe a new fresh design, but I’ll see you everyday as usual! :)

I couldn’t thank everyone who’s been a big support enough!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! and please stay tuned for 1.11.11 :) xoxo Hijiri