Sandy Photography Exhibition


Stopped by the Powerhouse Arena the other day and saw the EXHIBITION: SANDY: Devastation, Document, Drivea vast visual document of Superstorm Sandy created by photographers of all backgrounds–from career photojournalists to judiciously situated cell phone owners and ardent Instagrammers. (it’s ending today! I’m glad I caught it before it ends.)


And all these photos on the wall are up for grab for a suggested donation of $5 per photo.


I was happy to see lots of photos were taken…


I looked through each one, also hoping to rebuild, renew, renovate… and got one photograph and made a donation. What a great exhibition this was. Hope many people have seen it…

Happy Friday and Happy weekend, everyone! xo Hijiri

Found Art: The Treemendous Project


I found this last year by the NYU, finally getting around to posting about it… The Treemendous Project: Mending the city one tree at a time. It was placed on the stump that the Hurricane Sandy took down. I guess there are more throughout the city and 15 artists are participating. Oh, how interesting and great! Their website has more information and a map of where you can find one.


Dear Hurricane Sandy,
We understand you were mad, so you flooded our city and knocked down a lot of homes, taking a few trees along with you.   Well, actually a lot of trees.
So, a bunch of us decided to fix that. We’ve installed artworks at those broken or barren sites in memory of the life that used to be.
As they say: “If a tree falls…”
We’re saying that we heard it, and we’re doing something about it.

I want to go find them all now.

Today’s Bridge 10.30.12


We went for a walk yesterday around 2:30pm since the hurricane was gone and seemed okay to go outside and we saw some devastated area… The park was remain closed…


The Main Street still had some water…


We went back there again today, people were starting to clean everywhere. We saw someone drew the line with “Sandy” on the restaurant Buddy’s wall — that’s how much the water came during the hurricane.



Nearby shops like Powerhouse Arena and One Girl Cookies were cleaning the mess this morning… I hope everything gets back to normal soon… including everywhere in NYC.

Hurricane Sandy

Oh my lord, Hurricane Sandy hit hard NYC last night, caused lots of flooding, power outage and more. Our building is fine, we didn’t lose power or anything thankfully, but we did lose cable and Internet so we couldn’t really see what was really happening last night… (I have an iPhone and so checked twitter updates often) This morning, our Internet is back, found these pictures from our neighborhood DUMBO, I couldn’t believe it…

There are more unbelievable pictures on (all the photos above are from the Atlantic) if you have a second, look around here and here.

My heart goes out to all the people who have been affected by the hurricane and I hope the city gets back to normal soon…