Be Happy and Free Holiday Ornament Card

At Kings County Holiday market yesterday, I met lovely Elana from Mélangerie — they have great products like Scratch and Sniff Holiday cards and To Have and To Hold tote bag (and much more!) but I especially love their Be Happy and Free Holiday Ornament Card! Great idea and great typography, and with that little hearts, I was sold.

(image via Mélangerie etsy shop)

and it is on my tree today!  May all beings everywhere be happy and free! We could hang this by our door for everyone to see, too… or you could send as holiday cards.

(I took this image :))

Thank you, Elana, it was very nice meeting you! Hijiri

Renegade Holiday Craft Fair Posters

These posters for Renegade Holiday Craft Fair are so cute and well done! Caught my eye immediately. Love love love to each city version <3 Designed by Kate Sutton — love her work!

If you are lucky and live in Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angels, make sure to go check it out for me…

Also, sending my warmest support to all the handmade artists!

I wish they come to Brooklyn in holiday time soon… please? :)

Merry Christmas Tree Card

It’s getting more and more holiday-like each day in the city, on the street, and on the Internet… I can’t wait to pull out my Christmas trees and start decorating them with some new ornaments of the year… (ohh, what can they be?! That makes me excited, too!)

and speaking of Christmas tree… this Merry Christmas Tree // Blank Holiday Greeting Card by Cool Jane caught my eye. Isn’t it lovely? Simple and meaningful, I thought it was cute.

There are mini Christmas tree gift tags, too! :)

On the “handmade” note, check out this 101 Reasons to Buy Handmade by poppytalk. Please support handmade this holiday season!! :)

Poppytalk Handmade Holiday Market

Poppytalk Handmade Holiday Market launched today and I am participating again this month! Come look at my virtual booth here!


Hope you like what I selected for the booth… :)