Hand Knit Baby Cardigan by chibi.


Mili received (still receiving) oh-so many gifts and we are so very grateful. For the baby/kids Wednesday, I wanted to share something special she received… a handmade gift! My friend Yuki from chibi. hand knitted the cutest dachshund cardigan for her and I’ve been wanting to post it forever! I especially love the 3D dachshund ear and of course the loong body :)


Still has lots of rooms to grow, can’t wait for her to grow in!! Thank you so much, Yuki-chan!


chibi. also offers triangle bibs for babies, they are super cute and make a great baby present if you are looking for one :)

A Bunch of Rainbow Love

Happy Monday :) Hope you had a great weekend… I wanted to start the week with these cute bunch of rainbow love by KraKra Craft — makes me happy just looking at them! <3

It says “If you wish, hearts can be attached on a cotton string to dangle around or be assembled into mobile or alike.” — this will be the cutest little decoration for my little one…

Dachshund Rolling Toy

I’m on my 3rd trimester already (time flies soo fast!) it’s true I look at baby stuff more and more now… :) This wooden dachshund rolling toy is just too cute not to post. Love the simple design.

Check out more handmade eco-friendly wooden toys from Buddy and JoJo.

OLGA Chalkboard Sign

There is a (relatively) new shop in DUMBO — OLGA Guanabara — their gallery-like shop filled with beautiful handmade furniture and jewelry is simply stunning! And their chalkboard sign?! Gorgeous!! Do you see the gold bold frame? Caught my eye immediately and had to take a picture.

If you ever come visit DUMBO, you should stop by OLGA for some eye candy and inspiration!