Remembrance poster

remembrance poster

Good morning :) Hope you had a nice weekend… I went to the bake sale (it’s happening again this Saturday, I donated some letterpress cards and will be there this week!) and the fundraising event to support my friends and my country. It felt really great :)

Came across this awesome poster by Beauchamping and had to share — REMEMBRANCE. All profits donated to disaster relief.

remembrance poster

All the cities affected by natural disasters are listed under the “REMEMBRANCE The Coming Together As One” and the graphic is a simple circle (also, Japan’s country flag) — LOVE the concept and simple yet very strong message here.

remembrance poster
(images via beauchamping)

Inspiration: Britex Ad

While my mind is in the Hyatt Regency room, I wanted to share this print ad for the Britex Fabrics. I was just flipping through a magazine (or it could have been the hotel information thing… I forget) that was in the room and it just caught my attention. I love the black and white patterns with mustard yellow background.

and a little off-set style…

and another pattern on the background…

Inspiration for future projects!

UO Newsletter

Another thing that caught my eye recently: Urban Outfitters Newsletter. I like the black and white styling (with a dash of pink) and the condensed skinny sans-serif font. For my future reference…

Much Love

Much Love by Ashley G. Inspired by a vintage heart doily… it is so calling me, I must answer…

Perfect for the black and white area for our house… It can go with these pillows, too…

Here is a red one. Few more colors are available and they all look so cute, I want to have them all if I could… :)