Like a Girl

On Sunday, February 1st was the Superbowl and this commercial almost made me tear up. Such an eye opening commercial! It was the most memorable commercial for sure. Makes me think, especially now I have a daughter. I want her to be confident as a girl for sure and live strongly as a girl.

Inspiration: Britex Ad

While my mind is in the Hyatt Regency room, I wanted to share this print ad for the Britex Fabrics. I was just flipping through a magazine (or it could have been the hotel information thing… I forget) that was in the room and it just caught my attention. I love the black and white patterns with mustard yellow background.

and a little off-set style…

and another pattern on the background…

Inspiration for future projects!

Art & Copy

Last night, I went to see this film about advertising called “Art & Copy” — as I was majoring advertising design in my art school and worked at an advertising agency for 6-7 years, this was pretty exciting to me and it was a true celebration of the creativity behind the big ad campaigns.

and YES! Creativity can solve anything!!! (I love that. I might have to make a print for that…)

All the casts are my heros so it was so awesome to see them talk about what they think. They have more screenings coming up, if it’s in your city, please go check it out! If you think advertising is an eye sore, this film might change your mind… :)

Happy Friday!! (I had a late start this morning as I had a doctor’s appointment…)

For Humans Only

When I was in LA, I saw this outdoor / guerrilla advertising for District 9 (the movie) everywhere. Bus stations, street benches, phone booth… I didn’t know what it was at first, but it caught my eye, I had to take a closer look… it was like the whole LA was turned into a Sci-Fi movie or something (well, that’s the intention) — I thought it was a fun and clever way to do the advertising for the movie. I love when it’s unexpected. When I looked at their site and preview, I saw the same graphics everywhere so it’ll make more sense once you watch the movie, I’m sure…



Happy Friday!! (for humans only)