Origami Font

I got a newsletter from the Center for Book Arts the other day and inside, there was this image — the title “History of Art” all made with origami — made me look!

UO Newsletter

Another thing that caught my eye recently: Urban Outfitters Newsletter. I like the black and white styling (with a dash of pink) and the condensed skinny sans-serif font. For my future reference…

LAMA Halloween Newsletter

I always have so much fun designing anything for LAMA since the day one. Their newsletter is one of my fun work I get to do and this month, it is Halloween themed… but very elegant and cool, fun, and edgy LAMA way!

They are introducing a new line of gorgeous jewelry, I was in love with them right away, and I thought instead of making the newsletter looking more spooky or Halloween-like, I just turned the llama pattern (usually in blue) and everything black — let the picture talk itself.

I love how it came out :) Maybe you can see the LAMA blog for some discount code…


Halloween is tomorrow! aww I am so not ready… it’s been crazy busy… but I will pull out something and have fun for sure!

Font Shop Newsletter

I get lots of newsletters everyday from lots of different companies (well, don’t you?) and this one from Font Shop I received this week is simple yet striking and caught my eye. They always have different designs, but I like this one the most.

(received on March 25th – cool to have the date like this big on top)


I especially like this little graphic that they use for headlines:


It gives nice dimention!

And nice to see all the different fonts, of course.

Happy Friday, everyone!