Elephant Hamper

You might have already seen this picture through my twitter updates and instagram photo, but I got this Elephant Hamper for our baby yesterday and I love it!! :)

Speaking of our baby… she’s been giving me a lower back pain lately and so I’m off to my first prenatal┬ámassage today!

Have a great day, everyone :) xo Hijiri

Dachshund Rolling Toy

I’m on my 3rd trimester already (time flies soo fast!) it’s true I look at baby stuff more and more now… :) This wooden dachshund rolling toy is just too cute not to post. Love the simple design.

Check out more handmade eco-friendly wooden toys from Buddy and JoJo.

Meet My New Nephew

I just want the world to know that my younger brother and his wife had a beautiful baby boy on November 10th, 2010. Can’t wait to meet him!!! Congratulations!!! (happy tears)

Plush Love

Maybe because I’m going to be an aunty soon again (I have two awesome nephews already, but expecting another nephew very soon and attending my sister-in-law’s baby shower this month), I’ve been so drawn to plush kids/baby toys so much lately (well, maybe I just want one for myself :P)… so I wanted to share some I bookmarked lately :)

Frederic by krakracraft:

Thomas Paul — Miss Kitty:

Thomas Paul — Teddy Bear:

Kevin Caterpillar Lambswool Plush by sara carr:

Monty the Fox Lambswool Plush by sara carr:

Gato (Cat) from LAMA (they are having a BIG sale right now by the way!):

The list goes on and on… how come they are so cute?! I just want everyone besides me :)

Happy Friday!