Mili Jane Shepherd

I have been meaning to let you know that we welcomed our baby girl on October 12th — please meet Mili (美璃)– She has been keeping us very happy and very busy everyday ever since :)

Welcome to the world, Mili, thank you so much for choosing us!! Love you more than anything!! xo Hijiri

Time has come!

The time I’ve been waiting for for a loong time — we are going to go welcome our first baby soon! I will try posting some pictures when we get back and settle in so please check back :)

p.s Please check out our welcome baby sale in the meantime!

Babyprint Keepsake

I’ve been wanted to get this babyprints keepsake ever since I saw one at Paper Source — I was just in the neighborhood yesterday and finally picked up not only one, but two for our baby :) One for her hand, one for her feet. Great baby shower gifts, too!

It’s true, it’s getting really close to welcome our baby, we are so excited!

Baby Crochet Project

While I was on vacation, I started a little crochet project for our little baby… :) I got this crochet pattern book at Kinokuniya a while ago, I’m trying to make the dress on the cover in white… we’ll see how it’ll turn out!