Autumn Color Week: Red

Happy Friday, everyone and today is the last day for the Autumn Color Week… and today’s color is RED. It’s been so fun and I was inspired by the each color everyday and looking at the flickr pool has been such a treat! Thank you, Jan and Earl, for such a wonderful idea :)

And here are some red inspired photos I took…

My neighbor’s Red Door. (really pretty)


In New York, you will see this emergency tower everywhere on the street.


and… here are some sneak peeks for my holiday cards… coming very soon at my shop



I can’t wait to share more… :)

Thank you so much for being with me this week for the autumn color week! xo

Autumn Color Week: Brown

It has gotten so cold in New York, it is definitely deep into Autumn now, I think I am going to pull out my boots from my closet and wear them for the first time in a long time today! (I was still wearing flip flops until yesterday… no more flip flops… til next year.)

I hope you have been enjoying the Autumn Color week as much as I have been… Lots of great inspirations there, I kept going back for more and more…  and today is Brown. Very earthy, calm and chic, I like brown quite a lot. I snapped some photos while I was walking with Maia in my neighborhood… here they are.

A tree trunk — lots of awesome texture on every tree, I’m always amazed. This one had stripe pattern, too.


Pine corns.


This brown garage door caught my eye… looked like chocolate, too. (ok, I might have had a sweet tooth at this point)


and I took one of the pine corns home — I don’t even know when is the last time I’ve done that… I was into it when I was little for sure…


If you have your brown inspirations, make sure to share them here :)

Have a great October day! (Can you believe it’s October already?!?!)

Autumn Color Week: Orange

Yesterday was another great color inspired day (it was green) over at Autumn Color week flickr pool and poppytalk…. today is ORANGE.

I went to my letterpress studio yesterday and snapped a few shots along the way… so here they are. Brooklyn is huge and each area has different vibe just like Manhattan (I love that.) — I didn’t see much nature in the neighborhood, but hey, you can get inspired by these things on the street, too…


(do you see a little heart?)


Lots of brick buildings… I like brick buildings… (I actually take photos of different brick walls and use it for textures sometimes.)


and… something orange that I see… every. day. all. day….


Maia’s basketball! She loves that ball, she plays with it all day long, she brings it to the bed and sleep with it every night. ((Repeat))

We are actually inspired by this basketball of hers and making something for her for Halloween… Will share that here for sure! :)

Yes, orange is a Halloween color… have you guys been thinking about it yet?!

Autumn Color Week: Green

I must say this Autumn Color Week has been so fun and inspirational just after 1 day! I saw so many yellow inspirations yesterday and some of my images were picked at poppytalk, too! (Thank you!!) If you haven’t already, add your color inspired images to the flickr pool (or simply cruise over there and look around!) — today is GREEN.

Here are some images I took outside of my house, again, while walking with Maia. There’s no excuse for me; no matter how tired/sick I am, how horrible the weather is, I have to take Maia out everyday, two to three times a day (unless Randy is home), but I find most interesting and beautiful things during our walk together. I feel very blessed…

Miscanthus sinensis:


From the street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. You can see the color changing… but mostly green still as of yesterday.


A ginkgo leave I found on the street.


And here is from my kitchen… I crocheted the new pot holder for this project.


Happy Green day!