3 Days Until Christmas

3 days until Christmas, I wanted to share some beautiful photos from my Flickr favorites :) Enjoy!

(via H is for Home)

This illustration.

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We’re driving up to Massachusetts this evening, trying to finish everything and ready to leave… Have a great day, everyone! xo Hijiri


I love my UPPERCASE magazine since the very first issue, but especially the #6! My feet are featured! I know, it sounds funny, but for the “shoegazing” section :) I mentioned about it before, but when I heard the news from lovely Janine, I was so excited and here it is, all published!


If you haven’t already, I highly recommend subscribing, it is one of the best design magazines I’ve ever subscribed! :)


On other note… I’ll be on vacation starting tomorrow (aww I have too much to do still!) and so today is the shipping cut-off day at my Etsy shop. Please shop accordingly for the up coming summer events, home and such! Thank you so much!

Happy Valentine’s Day (with Lots of Hearts) <3

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s day!

As you know, I could never get enough “hearts” and when I realized, my flickr favorites and etsy favorites were filled with hearts! So I decided to share some here for a celebration of… love! Enjoy :)

Heart Factory:

via dottie angel:

Tiny Sterling Silver Heart Ring:

via dayataglance:

via mrs. french:

Heart balloon planter (my friend yuki also sent me this shortly after I hearted this on etsy):

via kygp:

via sa_su:

Vintage sweet Valentine Card:

via tinytoadstool from dadaya:

via simple + pretty:

Happy Happy weekend! <3<3<3

I will be back on Tuesday! (Monday is a President’s Day holiday here in US and we are celebrating our pre-wedding-anniversary! *we got married on the President’s Day, but the actual date is the 19th… and the actual celebration will be on the 19th so it is “pre” anniversary… yes, it’s complicated :))

Autumn Color Week: Red

Happy Friday, everyone and today is the last day for the Autumn Color Week… and today’s color is RED. It’s been so fun and I was inspired by the each color everyday and looking at the flickr pool has been such a treat! Thank you, Jan and Earl, for such a wonderful idea :)

And here are some red inspired photos I took…

My neighbor’s Red Door. (really pretty)


In New York, you will see this emergency tower everywhere on the street.


and… here are some sneak peeks for my holiday cards… coming very soon at my shop



I can’t wait to share more… :)

Thank you so much for being with me this week for the autumn color week! xo