Autumn Color Week: Orange

Yesterday was another great color inspired day (it was green) over at Autumn Color week flickr pool and poppytalk…. today is ORANGE.

I went to my letterpress studio yesterday and snapped a few shots along the way… so here they are. Brooklyn is huge and each area has different vibe just like Manhattan (I love that.) — I didn’t see much nature in the neighborhood, but hey, you can get inspired by these things on the street, too…


(do you see a little heart?)


Lots of brick buildings… I like brick buildings… (I actually take photos of different brick walls and use it for textures sometimes.)


and… something orange that I see… every. day. all. day….


Maia’s basketball! She loves that ball, she plays with it all day long, she brings it to the bed and sleep with it every night. ((Repeat))

We are actually inspired by this basketball of hers and making something for her for Halloween… Will share that here for sure! :)

Yes, orange is a Halloween color… have you guys been thinking about it yet?!