Letter Sculptures


There is a BoConcept store in DUMBO and every time I walk by there recently, I couldn’t help but stare at these letter sculptures! (Sorry for the reflection, it’s their window display) How awesome to just have them around the house?! I might have to buy some… :)

New: Alphabet Greeting Cards (A to Z)

I am so proud to announce that I have finally completed the Alphabet Greeting Cards from A to Z! I have printed couple new ones for the holidays, too (yes, it is coming!) I hope you like them!

Some photos from the studio…

H is for Happy Holidays!

Y is for Year 2011!

and here they are, Alphabet Greeting Cards A to Z (you can create your own set of 7):

I might not be printing these again so please grab them while they last! xo Hijiri

Alphabet Earrings

I have been thinking about these Alphabet earrings from by boe… Aren’t they adorable?

H earring:

K earring:

S earring:

They are approximately 1/4″ in height and sold individually you can mix and match!

My ears are asking me to get some…

(via Daily Candy NY)

Individual Drop Caps

I’ve been a big fan of Daily Drop Cap as I talked about it before, and now, lovely Jessica Hische has an individual letter print available at her shop! You can pick any letters from Alphabet 1 to 3 and have it on your wall :) I might have to get my H…

Happy Friday, everyone!