Alphabet Greeting Cards

Alphabet Greeting CardsThis week is all about the National Stationery Show! I’ll be introducing what’s debuting on May 15th. First up is the Alphabet Greeting Cards. I reprinted them all for the show (some are in new colors) and will be available both from my online shop and wholesaling.

Inspired by alphabet flash cards and the beauty of vintage wood type blocks, Heartfish Press created 26 different greeting cards for each letter A to Z. Each card celebrates a different occasion. The large letters are printed with real vintage wood type with great texture that digital design can’t reproduce.

New: Alphabet Greeting Cards (A to Z)

I am so proud to announce that I have finally completed the Alphabet Greeting Cards from A to Z! I have printed couple new ones for the holidays, too (yes, it is coming!) I hope you like them!

Some photos from the studio…

H is for Happy Holidays!

Y is for Year 2011!

and here they are, Alphabet Greeting Cards A to Z (you can create your own set of 7):

I might not be printing these again so please grab them while they last! xo Hijiri