New: Love Themed Letterpress Alphabet Greeting Cards

Yesterday was my first day of printing in 2010! I must admit… I had missed it so much! So happy that I get to print again :)

Keep that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (can you believe it?) in mind, I printed 4 more letterpress Alphabet Greeting cards — all LOVE themed! I really enjoyed printing them and here are some behind the scene photos…

I decided to print all in red, one of my favorite colors and the color of love…
Setting wood type blocks and the polymer plates 2 at a time:

Checking impressions and adjusting placements:

Put red ink and…

print away.

2nd set — setting wood type blocks and the plates in the same position from the 1st set, but since the letters are in different width, adjusting a little here…

and print them away.

2nd color — I hand-mixed nice chocolate brown :)

Adjusting the placements… very important…

looking good :)

printing printing printing!

and here are the final products:

V is for Valentine:

L is for LOVE:

(I wanna frame this one — all the alphabet card is frame-able in US standard 5×7 frame — FYI)

X is for XOXO:

Lots of nice wood type texture on letter X.

I is for I Heart You:

I hope you like them! :)

Daily Drop Cap

An awesome typographer and illustrator, Jessica Hische started a Daily Drop Cap (oh, soo good) and it’s been my daily visit ever since.

Yesterday, she shared us a gif animation file that shows the steps in its creation — I love that! Thank you!!


((see her steps — she decided to take out all the flourishes because it wasn’t legible as an H.))


It is filled with gorgeous initials everyday!! ((swooooooon))




FYI. :)

The ABCs

This morning, I am inspired by the ABCs by Honey & Bloom. I love how all the different colored alphabet is overlapping together very nicely… very harmonically…


I love the letter Q. That is gorgeous.


Available at Honey & Bloom shop.

Alphabet Posters

PLINC Behemoth R poster from House Industries — I love that it’s just one BIG alphabet, how cool would that look on the wall! Bold and nice shaped alphabet is all you need :) I actually would love one for my new office…


PLINC Buffalo A:


PLINC Emperor B:


They have more (not all alphabets, though, unfortunately…) but these are my favorites. Click here to see more!