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My due date is in 2 days, still no signs of anything… I think our baby is going to take her time…?! I wish I knew when she’d decide to come out!

In the meantime, I am still taking online orders and shipping orders. It’s good to walk around so going to a post office is my daily exercise :) I have one more wholesale order to pack (I know, I should hurry up!) and I think I am closing my etsy shop for a little while until I settle in with our new addition and feel ready to ship again… but I will keep my web shop open and have a maternity leave sale while I am adjusting my life with a newborn. Please check Heartfish Press homepage for special code and details when the time has come (not just yet). If you need something sooner, please shop NOW so I can ship it right away. Otherwise, please wait for the sale to start and it’ll be shipped sometime in November or December… well before Christmas time for sure. (hint hint)

Thank you so much! xo Hijiri

F is for Father – Free Shipping!

F is for Father Letterpress Greeting Card

Father’s Day is coming right soon — next Sunday, June 19th! F is for Father Letterpress Alphabet Greeting card is now FREE SHIPPING for all the US customers from our etsy shop. Offer ends this weekend.

We are going to Boston to celebrate our dad’s birthday and Father’s day next weekend :)

Heartfish Press Booth at the NSS

Finally, the final look of the Heartfish Press booth at the National Stationery Show 2011.

Wood Type Letterpress Greeting Cards above, Houndstooth Letterpress Greeting Cards below.

Pattern Note Cards both single cards and box sets:

I (blank) You Letterpress Cards:

Decorate your own Christmas Tree Card (both are featured on the Sweetest Occasion! Thank you!):

and last but not least, Love, Hello and Smile wood type prints:

I brought the paper flower I made with misprints and it was actually a big hit. I’ve been wanted to try making more and be able to sell them — maybe very soon!

National Stationery Show Behind The Scene 2

The set up day 2 started with placing our shelves evenly and put up the vinyl logo stickers — oh boy, was it hard!

I’m short and pregnant, so my booth mates helped me (thank you!)…

but for some reason, the sticker was so not straight… so we had to stop. Luckily, I had 2 vinyl stickers (1 was a little mess-up, but that saved my life!) so we decided to peel this off with hair dryer, which Wally (Carrie‘s husband) ran back to their hotel and get for me. (Thank you again so much!!)

In the meantime, I worked on getting the first line of the alphabet greeting cards up.

and 2nd try… Wally is so tall so he helped me again here. Thank you, thank you!

whew! It looks nice and straight! I was so relieved :)

and after that, I just keep putting up all the alphabet greeting cards by using masking tape as a guide.

The second day ended here… I does take a while to put up all the cards straight and evenly by hands…

(To be continued…)