Found Marquee H

Walking down on Water Street, I found this marquee H on the window. I think this is from Urban Outfitters (I’ve been eying for a long time) — made me want it even more!

The window is for Henryboy. I think they just moved in…

Alphabet Earrings

I have been thinking about these Alphabet earrings from by boe… Aren’t they adorable?

H earring:

K earring:

S earring:

They are approximately 1/4″ in height and sold individually you can mix and match!

My ears are asking me to get some…

(via Daily Candy NY)

H I !

These rusty letters are calling me… (of course) I have many letters already, but it’s never too many… (talking to myself)

H & I from French Logic etsy shop.



Thought I should say hi to my readers, too! :)