Love Skywriting Stamps


The new Love Skywriting stamps are available and it definitely caught my eye!

Louise Fili designed the stamp, which was illustrated by Jessica Hische. Amazing work as always!

Time to restock some stamps… :)

Love Stamp 2012

Love the “LOVE” stamps for the year. Finally bought some for a special mailing occasion :) Art directed by Louise Fili, designed by Jessica Hische — no wonder it looks divine!




The always amazing swissmiss launched the Tattly today! They offer designy temporary tattoos :) How fun! I especially like this Tattone 5K1 N by Josh Smith:

and this Type Nerd by lovely Jessica Hische:

I might have to grab some for fun and for my designy friends… There are more, look around here!

Individual Drop Caps

I’ve been a big fan of Daily Drop Cap as I talked about it before, and now, lovely Jessica Hische has an individual letter print available at her shop! You can pick any letters from Alphabet 1 to 3 and have it on your wall :) I might have to get my H…

Happy Friday, everyone!