Pez, Pez, Pez Candies!

I collected Pez dispensers for a long time. I don’t know how many I have so far, but they are all in a glass display shelf in our loft happily :) As you know, all Pez dispensers come with a couple (or more depends on the package) pez candies, and I also kept them… for a loong time. Thinking maybe I would make an art with them or display them all somehow etc. but, of course, I never did… At 30 weeks pregnant, I’ve been organizing and cleaning our apartment and storage whenever possible (I hear that’s called “nesting”!) — this weekend was no exception. and I found them again in a bag… this time, I am saying good-bye! but before that, I needed to take pictures… and here they are! Please bare with me while I’m saying good-bye to these old candies…

Some are from Australia, Japan and of course all over the United States.

Bye bye, Pez candies! xo Hijiri