I enjoy crocheting here and there, it is such a pleasure making something by hand and be able to use/wear them. I purchased this Japanese crochet book in February (I love Japanese craft books, they are the cutest and easy to follow instructions) and so I started crocheting a scarf for the Spring!

This is what I’m trying to make…

Using 100% organic cotton… I can’t wait to finish it and start wearing it :)

Folded :: The Origami Collection :: Inspiration

I mentioned a little bit about this before, but Jack + Jenn, Jody from Brin & Nohl and I are starting a project together! It all started over at Twitter ever since we found this Origami Jewelry… and now, we are each creating something with our own medium and exchange it at the end of the project. Today is the starting point of “Folded :: The Origami Collection” — sharing our inspirations.

We decided to go with the flower theme. Perfect for upcoming spring!

Here are my inspirations…

via Abby Lanes

via sofigiraldo

via anodyne*

via Alis Volat Propriis

The product we create through this project will also be available at our etsy shop so stay tuned! Make sure to visit Jack + Jenn and Brin & Nohl for their inspirations as well as their shop, Jack + Jenn and Brin & Nohl to check out what kind of medium they use.

I’m so excited about this collaboration!

If You Can Imagine/Dream…

I can’t believe it took me this long to post about this project… but I am so happy to report about my Live Now project (click this link to see the project details) I participated!

I knew from the beginning I wanted to print something with wood types because you just can’t get that same texture on computer, I thought it’d be so special for the project… so I printed a quote from William Arthur Ward — “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; If you can dream it, you can become it.”

My wood type blocks are limited and so when it’s a long sentence, sometimes I don’t have enough letters…


so that I have to print some words first…


and then, set the type to fill in the blank space…


to complete the first half of the quote.



Second part of the quote, I had all the letters so I could print all at once.



After I printed these, I scanned them in, send it to Eric, and he took it from there — and it’s been up on the “Live Now” site since! Thank you so much!!


I actually printed a few more to share at my shop… if you are interested, it is available here!




Limited to only 20 sets :)

Suga Jewelry

I wanted to share another lovely website Randy and I launched recently: Suga Jewelry shopping site.

My friend, Suga wanted a very simple and clean website to showcase her one of a kind handmade jewelry and she also wanted to be able to sell them online so we’ve been working with her on this website… we are still working on some features, but overall, it came out really lovely, simple and shows her nature inspired work very well.



Store page: I love how she used branches and wood background. It ties everything together nicely, I think.


Product thumbnail page: I love this page. So clean, simple, very easy navigation, not overwhelming shopping experience (like some websites are…)


Product detail page: everything is made to order! Her work is so cute!


About page: you can find out more about her here.


It’s so nice to see it live and I’m so happy to get to help her and work with her! Please check out her website at :)

Congratulations, Suga-chan!