I enjoy crocheting here and there, it is such a pleasure making something by hand and be able to use/wear them. I purchased this Japanese crochet book in February (I love Japanese craft books, they are the cutest and easy to follow instructions) and so I started crocheting a scarf for the Spring!

This is what I’m trying to make…

Using 100% organic cotton… I can’t wait to finish it and start wearing it :)

5 thoughts on “Crocheting

  1. it’s beautiful! can’t wait to see a pic of the finished product. i also love japanese craft books. i sew and have yet to tackle a project based on pics alone but making plans.

  2. impressive — it looks just like the picture in the book! there’s a japanese knitting book on socks that i love looking at. i’d love to be able to make something, but i can’t knit for the life of me.

  3. I really like this scarf-look-alike. do you know any books like this in english? I never crochet before and I’m interested making things like this. :)

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