DUMBO Arts Festival 2010

Found lots of arts as you can imagine throughout DUMBO Arts Festival last weekend, I loved every second of it everyday!

I think this might be my favorite work — chalk board + chalk line drawing of DUMBO (I think). The old brick building as a background is just perfect.

We happened to walk by when artists were working on this work…

and it was done by the weekend:

That’s a lot of work! Well done :)

Saw lots of artists working on a piece on the street…

and there was lots of live music everywhere, too… (these guys were awesome!)

Strong message with strong visuals…

The flag and the Brooklyn Bridge:

More will follow! :)

Found Type: DUMBO Arts Festival 2010

I really enjoyed DUMBO Arts Festival last weekend! It was full of creativity and energy all day all night! I took lots of pictures, I will be shearing them in a few posts…

First up is always my favorite; Found Type!

Found spray painted type right by the archway…

Hand-written DUMBO Art Garage sign — nice to see lots of kids enjoying creating :)

Big 2629 numbers — making an awareness about recyclables.

I didn’t find this, (I so wish I did!) but it was so cool I had to share. “Everything is Fine” installation:

((via ad454 Flickr))

Found Art: Meatpacking District

There are lots of street art in the Meatpacking District besides the type I found. They catch my eye every time, but never had a chance to take photos so here they are. It is so New York, I love it!








Happy Friday morning, everyone!!

Street Wall Art in Brooklyn

In between my home and my letterpress studio, I see lots of cool street art, there are a few more things that I always see from the bus and wish I could get off the bus and just take pictures of, but I don’t want to wait around for another bus so haven’t been able to….

Anyway. Here are some.

Love the building, stars are just so awesome, and looks like a collage of things…


If you look closely, you see a rain drop pattern on the people’s body.


Cool spray painting. Tells lots of stories.


I like this one. I don’t know if it’s spray painting, it looks like it was a big sticker?!


Happy May 1st Friday, everyone!