Street Wall Art in Brooklyn

In between my home and my letterpress studio, I see lots of cool street art, there are a few more things that I always see from the bus and wish I could get off the bus and just take pictures of, but I don’t want to wait around for another bus so haven’t been able to….

Anyway. Here are some.

Love the building, stars are just so awesome, and looks like a collage of things…


If you look closely, you see a rain drop pattern on the people’s body.


Cool spray painting. Tells lots of stories.


I like this one. I don’t know if it’s spray painting, it looks like it was a big sticker?!


Happy May 1st Friday, everyone!

One thought on “Street Wall Art in Brooklyn

  1. that last one of the little boys is a wheatpaste. It looks like it might be by the artist Swoon, if not her, then it’s definitely someone else in the Wooster Collective. It’s very much their style.

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