Found Art: Meatpacking District

There are lots of street art in the Meatpacking District besides the type I found. They catch my eye every time, but never had a chance to take photos so here they are. It is so New York, I love it!








Happy Friday morning, everyone!!

6 thoughts on “Found Art: Meatpacking District

  1. ohhh, it’s so fun here in New York during summer time!! So much energy, so much to do, you will find inspiration everywhere!!!

  2. whoo!! they are great! so original and inspirational!! no wonder everyone says NY is a heaven for artists & designers!!

  3. ow eng-

    that is so true about NY — especially, if you are artists and designers!!! well, anything and everything, actually.

  4. these are so unique. can someone tell me what street and ave these are located at?

  5. Hi Steki-

    I was around 13th street and 9th avenue — the meatpacking district!

    Hope this helps :)

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