Prospect Park

Saturday was our big park day! I love the fact that Prospect Park is a few blocks away from our apartment and we’ve heard that before 9am and after 9pm, you can have your dogs off-leash in certain areas and so many dogs come and play on the weekends – that was Maia’s debut! I must admit that Maia is our big motivations because we never woke up early and go to park before or never even went to park to do activities before!

In the morning. It was so beautiful out! (Click to see a larger image)

We saw Hime – 8 years old dachshund in our neighborhood and she looks like Maia!

Hime and her Mom and Maia (she is jumping on her):

Here we go – so many dogs running around and playing!

This is Long Meadow. There is a dog beach here, too.

And then…. at night, we met up with our friends with their dog at Nethermead. We never been this area so it was cool to explore more in the park.

I like the path:

Wait for me-

Here we are – it was getting so dark that I couldn’t take more pictures from here on, but we had a great time! Maia had the best time ever!