2 Days Until Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas albums is definitely the Charlie Brown’s Holiday Hits by Vince Guaraldi Trio. Especially, Linus and Lucy song — makes me want to do a little Christmas dance! :D

(this is the best I could find… it’s edited a bit and not the best quality, but you can see their awesome dances! Makes me smile.)

2 more days! We are already in Massachusetts, starting holiday time with the family (and doing a little Christmas dance like this. hehe)… If you are traveling, safe travels!! xo Hijiri

3 Days Until Christmas

3 days until Christmas, I wanted to share some beautiful photos from my Flickr favorites :) Enjoy!

(via H is for Home)

This illustration.

(via dolce press)

(via dottie angel)

(via trisha brink design)

(via Sweetnellie)

We’re driving up to Massachusetts this evening, trying to finish everything and ready to leave… Have a great day, everyone! xo Hijiri

4 Days Until Christmas

The Time Warner center at Columbus Circle has “Holiday Under the Stars” illumination show. These big stars change colors with music, it’s simply pretty and festive, I looked at it for a little while :)

All the trees outside has lots of lights, too… everywhere :)

4 days left, we leave to Boston tomorrow evening! Still so much to do… I am off to post office (again and again!) and my letterpress studio soon! Have a great day and GOOD LUCK!

5 Days Until Christmas

I stopped by Brooklyn Flea and GIFTED market on Saturday to pick up something and I found all sorts of vintage Christmas related stuff… and Santas!

These Santas have seen so many Christmases, it’s interesting to think about what they’ve seen…

oh and vintage Dr. Seuss toy I had to take a photo of :)

5 days!!! Still doing last minute things… aww