Helvetica Baby Tee

I had to get this Helvetica baby onesie from American Apparel for Mili! (Of course, in letter M) Her size was all sold out so I got 12-18 month size… can’t wait for her to try it on. Pictures coming later then…

They also have a long sleeve lap tee:

Every Wednesdays now on, I’ll start posting about baby/kids related things. Mili was born on Wednesday so it makes sense for me… I didn’t want this blog to be all about baby stuff, but then, I wanted it to grow with me (and Mili) so just once a week, you’ll see some baby/kids content :)

p.s How awesome is this nursery room!! (Thank you, Niq)

Some Things Take Time

Last Friday, we moved to our new loft — it’s been a great week, but we do have so much work left… really, I forgot how much work that is to move!

and I found this Some Things Take Time Tee via Rare Device and it says: “All good things take time so relax and have fun!” That made me feel better! :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend, everyone!

I Heart…

This week, I saw some more “I Heart” things…


(via Bloesem)



(via swiss miss — available here.)

And did you know this is all coming from an advertising campaign for New York City?! (I tried to look for the original commercial on YouTube, but I couldn’t find the right one…) I didn’t know that until I saw the movie Art & Copy — pretty amazing to think about how ad campaign effects soo many things even 30-40 years later!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Happily Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time

I stopped by Threadless “New Art. New Ideas.” tee-shirt launch party at the New Museum last Friday — it was fun :) This is the chosen design by artist Daniel Abensour. 8-color screen print! (+plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.)



I also got a goodie bag, too, thank you, Threadless!

After I got home, I looked around their website for inspirations… (I used to check their website for some cool tee-shirts design like all the time! I hadn’t done that for a long time…) and look what I found…

Happily Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time tee! Oh, how I love this so much :) So cute, I would wear it if the girl’s size small wasn’t all sold out…



They now offer type tees. (sorry, if this has been around for a long time, I just found out!) and of course, they are accepting submissions, if you have a good slogan, submit away! Your tee might be printed :)