Exhibition at the Center for Book Arts


I was at the Center for Book Arts the other day to trim some papers and they have some interesting exhibition going on right now, I had to snap a few photos… The above and below pictures are embroidered notebooks. Everything was made by hand, even the pattern on the cover is all hand embroidered! It was so awesome to look at every details…



And there was Japanese inspired wood prints and installation that caught my eye.






Happy Friday, everyone! xo Hijiri

Helvetica Notebook

Came across this Helvetica Notebook over at Veer — isn’t it cool? It has 2 sides, LOVE side and HATE side, just like any other relationship… ha!

and the notebook is ruled throughout with additional quotes. Great gift idea for your designer friends!

The Feedback Loop Notebook Project

Just wanted to share this exciting letterpress project launching today… The Feedback Loop Notebook Project.

Twenty-five leading letterpress printers were asked to create fifty unique notebooks. They could do whatever they wanted. Their limited edition books will be sold on Felt & Wire Shop, in a special storefront, with 100% of the proceeds going to Design Ignites Change, to support their School: by Design youth mentorship program.

Also a catalyst for change, Mohawk Fine Papers donated the paper; and the printers could pick any stock they wanted (!) from the Mohawk Loop paper line.

How cool, right? Each notebook is so unique and one of a kind, I don’t know which one I should get… here are some photos, but you should definitely check out all 25 designs here! Some are not just letterpressed, but also, die cut and bound differently.

Here are a list of amazing printers:

Jenni Undi, Lunalux, http://www.lunalux.com • Jason McDaniel, Owner/Creative Director, Missing Q Press, http://www.missingqpress.com • Matthew Kelsey, Printer, MK Printer, http://www.mkprinter.com • Christine Schneider, The Petite Press, http://www.thepetitepress.com • Karl Heine, Designer Journals, http://www.designerjournals.com • kHyal, kHyal Kouture, http://www.getfizz.com • Lindy Sinclair, Rohner Letterpress, http://www.rohnerletterpress.com • Jeremy Peterson, Matter, http://www.morematter.com/ • David Wolske, Smart & Wiley, http://www.dwolske.com • Jeff Macklin, Owner/Printer, Jackson Creek Press, http://www.jacksoncreekpress.ca/home.html • Brittany Skwierczynski, http://bjoyski.com/ • Mick Hodgson, PhD, http://www.phdla.com • Colleen Walsh, Cleanwash Letterpress, http://www.cleanwashletterpess.com • Michael Dacey, Repeat Press, http://www.repeatpress.com • Toni Hung, Praxium Press, www.praxiumpress.com • Rajshel Juhan, Jane Hancock Papers,  http://www.jhpapers.com • Allison Chapman, Igloo Letterpress, http://www.iglooletterpress.com • Emily Martin, Orange Beautiful, http://www.orangebeautiful.com • Amber Ellis-Seguine, Fly Wheel Press, http://www.flywheelpress.com • Natalie Lakhan, Amuse-Toi Bien, http://amusetoibien.wordpress.com/ • Tony Zanni, Dock 2 Letterpress, http://www.dock2letterpress.com • Catherine Realce, Visualchemist, http://www.visualchemist.com/ • Kseniya Thomas, Thomas-Printers, http://thomas-printers.com/ • Jessica C. White, Heroes & Criminal Press, http://www.heroesandcriminalspress.com/Home.html

Thank you, Pam!