Happy Valentine’s Day (with Lots of Hearts) <3

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s day!

As you know, I could never get enough “hearts” and when I realized, my flickr favorites and etsy favorites were filled with hearts! So I decided to share some here for a celebration of… love! Enjoy :)

Heart Factory:

via dottie angel:

Tiny Sterling Silver Heart Ring:

via dayataglance:

via mrs. french:

Heart balloon planter (my friend yuki also sent me this shortly after I hearted this on etsy):

via kygp:

via sa_su:

Vintage sweet Valentine Card:

via tinytoadstool from dadaya:

via simple + pretty:

Happy Happy weekend! <3<3<3

I will be back on Tuesday! (Monday is a President’s Day holiday here in US and we are celebrating our pre-wedding-anniversary! *we got married on the President’s Day, but the actual date is the 19th… and the actual celebration will be on the 19th so it is “pre” anniversary… yes, it’s complicated :))

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