Mr. Mrs. Muse Salt + Papper

Mr. & Mrs. muse salt and pepper by Jonathan Adler. Perfect for a fun wedding gift. I love his work, makes me happy all the time, the package design is always fun, too.




How fun is it to have these on your dining table? :)


Tortoise Love

I have a lot of little “thing” about certain things, whenever I see it, it just automatically catches my eye and if I could, I would get it so I can have it. I’m sure everyone has a little “thing” about something, right? and tortoise is one of them for me. Maybe because my old last name, now my middle name means “turtle mountain,” every time I see something tortoise, I just adore them. Like this Robert Kuo turtle

I just ordered this stuffed tortoise:

and I found this awesome turtle box and I am putting this in my wish list:

Here is my little turtle collection (yes, very little, it’s hard to find the cute ones):

Tea Ceremony

My mom and I went to have a bowl of Matcha when I was visiting Japan last time. You can enjoy tea ceremony without wearing kimono or knowing certain rules or anything at certain places in Japan. You can enjoy the tea and the sweets, of course, but you can also enjoy the beautiful ceramic bowl that they serve with. My mom told me that depending on the season, the bowl art would be different to celebrate the season, and here, it was back in June so you see hydrangeas (it’s the June flower in Japan). So pretty. Enjoy!