Heartfish Press Business Card

Heartfish Press Business CardOne of the most important things that you need to have at the National Stationery Show is definitely your business cards. I had the design, but hadn’t printed the actual business cards since it’s launched in January 11th so this is really exciting to have them in my hands!

Heartfish Press Business CardI used Lettra 220lb. (oh, how I love this paper), double-sided in square format :)

Heartfish Press Business CardThe backside is with all the information.

Can’t wait to hand them out!

Platen Press Workshop 1

As I mentioned, I took a platen press workshop over at the center for book arts all 2 days last weekend instead of Halloween fun and it was so worth it. I enjoyed it so much! I’ve been letterpress printing for 2 years now, but I have only been working with Vandercook so I’ve been wanted to learn how to operate platen presses properly (they are so different!).

This is my day 1.

The Printing Room:

They have drawers and drawers of metal types. After learning about the platen press, how to oil them etc. we set the metal types for a small business card size project.

I picked Spartan Black…

Pick up letters one by one… (the California Job Case sheet always comes in handy.)

“HELLO” letters all set!

and locking up in the chase…

On the 1st day, we learned how to operate the table top press — this is Chandler & Price.

Learned how to set the gauge pins…

adjust impressions and such…

and print!

The tabletop presses are so small so it’s perfect to print small things such as business cards. You won’t get the strong impression like Vandercook gives, but it prints great!

To be continued to day 2…

Porter House Logo and Card

About a month ago, we went to Porter House Restaurant for NY Restaurant week and had a great meal :) I saw their logo and the card and of course I took it home because I thought it was great and caught my eye immediately. It looks like it’s printed on wood, but it is a paper, but look at the beautiful wood stains and burned-like wood texture — that would have been so cool if it was a real wood and the symbol is actually burned in, but hey, everyone has a budget, right? The card is on really nice and thick stock so the quality is so there.

and then, I was looking around the lovely Louise Fili Ltd website (I admire her work soo much!) and here it is! The Porter House design! It was done by Louise Fili. No wonder it looks awesome.

I’d love to get my hands on restaurant designs — anyone opening a new restaurant?! :)

Off to Japan… (and Happy New Year!!)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones… I had an another great Christmas with my family in low in Massachusetts, we came home with tons of goodies (thank you so much!) and now, we are off to Japan! Just wanted to wish you all a very happy and exciting new year 2010! Thank you all so much for visiting Heart Fish, being with me and being here for me all this year, I will be getting lots of pictures, inspirations, ideas, cool and neat things while I’m in Japan, I can’t wait to share them all with you! I will be saying hi sometime in next year from Japan… until then, have a great holiday season and happy happy new year 2010!!!

*Picture is from my last day of letterpress printing — I printed business cards for Randy :)

p.s while I am traveling, I am having a winter vacation sale so make sure to check it out :)