My new neighborhood Bed-Stuy Brooklyn has this cutest restaurant called Saraghina and their food is oh, so good, too. We took home their pizzas the other day and noticed their simple and cool packaging…

It’s just the normal pizza-to-go box, but they use it inside-out so the cardboard side will show outside with a simple graphic and information, I thought it was such a clever idea with a small budget.


Bubby’s Store Sign in DUMBO

I’m assuming this is their store sign… a life size cow! Creative way to have your store sign, don’t you think? In front of Bubby’s in DUMBO. We had their BBQ dinner the other day — yummy stuff! :)

Ballato’s Restaurant Signage

Walked by Bellato’s Restaurant and the signage caught my eye — it looks like a cutout paper art and reminds me of Town Musicians of Bremen!

Lovely signage :)

Off to letterpress studio now — have a great day!

p.s My studio site has been blocked since last night :( It’s fixed, but it will take a day or so to be back on… FYI. xo — IT’S BACK ON!!!

Porter House Logo and Card

About a month ago, we went to Porter House Restaurant for NY Restaurant week and had a great meal :) I saw their logo and the card and of course I took it home because I thought it was great and caught my eye immediately. It looks like it’s printed on wood, but it is a paper, but look at the beautiful wood stains and burned-like wood texture — that would have been so cool if it was a real wood and the symbol is actually burned in, but hey, everyone has a budget, right? The card is on really nice and thick stock so the quality is so there.

and then, I was looking around the lovely Louise Fili Ltd website (I admire her work soo much!) and here it is! The Porter House design! It was done by Louise Fili. No wonder it looks awesome.

I’d love to get my hands on restaurant designs — anyone opening a new restaurant?! :)