Heartfish Press Softly Launches…

It’s here! Happy 1.11.11! I sort of finished the new website and started preparing things for going live at 1:11pm… but of course, there are few problems (i.e URL — update: FIXED!) and I am still working working as of right now… but it’s out there now :) This is a really soft launch, though, and I was expecting some problems… so I’m not losing my mind or anything ;)

From the homepage, you can find that Heartfish Press is proud and excited to be showing at the National Stationery Show this year, that will be the big launch!

I still have so much to add for both my new shop and the custom gallery, I’ll just have to do the updates everyday this month… so please come back often :) The blog re-design is going to follow soon, too…! xo Hijiri

5 thoughts on “Heartfish Press Softly Launches…

  1. Hijiri, the site is just so fantastic! Congratulations on getting it up and going on this very auspicious day. Hooray! Looking forward to seeing more of you {with new digs} in twenty eleven.

  2. Hi Allyn!

    Thank you so so much for your sweet comments and your warm support always!!! Looking forward to this year as well, cheers!!!


    aww thank you so much!! and congratulations to you guys, too, on opening your studio!!! I saw some pictures, everything looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see more pictures and actually be there sometime soon :)

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