Found Type: St. Mark’s Bookshop

I was at the St. Mark’s Bookshop the other day and found few types/type treatments I wanted to share.

This poster on the wall caught my eye. The End of Print. Love the type treatment. Looks like wood types…

There are a lot of hand-printed books in the shop, it’s awesome to look around. This book cover is 3-color letterpress printed.

and this book cover was really well letterpressed. (sorry for my iPhone quality photos..) Makes me want to work on a book cover…!

Happy Friday! :)

Basic Japanese Cooking

I received this cool Japanese cooking book along with many other nice things including a brand-new rice cooker (!) on Christmas from my parents-in-law (thank you so much!!) and I had to share because not only this book tells you how to cook all sorts of great Japanese meals, but also, the photography of the book is really beautiful. Just flipping through the book to see each page is like a treat for your eye!

Here are some pages… aren’t they pretty?

basic japanese cooking

basic japanese cooking

basic japanese cooking

basic japanese cooking

basic japanese cooking

basic japanese cooking

We are having a small dinner party this weekend and making some Japanese hot pot, plus we are thinking of cooking some of the appetizers or salads from this book :)

Happy Friday, everyone! and Happy Weekend!

Crafting a Meaningful Home

Randy got me this book called Crafting a Meaningful Home by lovely Meg Mateo Ilasco for Christmas along with many other things (thank you, love!) and I had to share how great it is! I am so very inspired and I think one of my new year resolutions will be to make something for our home :) The book tells you and shows you each story and project (27 of them!) and they are all so personal, touching and meaningful, just reading their stories is inspiring, but also you can make your own, too!

Few of my favorite pages…

All the artists/designers featured in this book is amazing! Lots of great talents and their meaningful home projects all in one book. Highly recommended! :) xo Hijiri

Creative, Inc. Book Party in NYC

Last Thursday night, I stopped by the Michele Varian to attend the Creative, Inc. Book tour party. I got there a little bit late so I don’t know how much I missed, but I met Joy and Meg and it was absolutely my pleasure!

I’ll share my iPhone / ShakeIt photos here :)

The lovely Joy (left) and Meg (right) :)

and my book got signed! yay!