Creative, Inc. Book Party in NYC

Last Thursday night, I stopped by the Michele Varian to attend the Creative, Inc. Book tour party. I got there a little bit late so I don’t know how much I missed, but I met Joy and Meg and it was absolutely my pleasure!

I’ll share my iPhone / ShakeIt photos here :)

The lovely Joy (left) and Meg (right) :)

and my book got signed! yay!

5 thoughts on “Creative, Inc. Book Party in NYC

  1. Hi Allyn!

    ohh sorry you didn’t get to go to one…

    I adore the app, too, so great :) and easy ;)
    Wishing you a great week!!

  2. Thank YOU so much for the wonderful & inspirational book and the party, Joy!!! Thank you so much for stopping by here, too!!! xo Hijiri

  3. Hello Joy!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by here!! The party was fabulous and it was really nice meeting you and Meg!! so thank YOU!!! :)

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