West Elm Market


West Elm Market just opened in DUMBO, I went there to check it out when opened on October 25th. (and got a free tote bag!) I enjoyed the new shop very much :) Took a few photos that caught my eye. Not everything, though, that would have been too much to post…

Cool laundry bags:


Candy shop!


Lots of nice and cool package designs…



Loved these Garlic pots:


I even wished I needed these hoses:




They have a cafe area where you can sit, that’s nice. I know I’ll be doing lots of holiday shopping here… :)

Crafting a Meaningful Home

Randy got me this book called Crafting a Meaningful Home by lovely Meg Mateo Ilasco for Christmas along with many other things (thank you, love!) and I had to share how great it is! I am so very inspired and I think one of my new year resolutions will be to make something for our home :) The book tells you and shows you each story and project (27 of them!) and they are all so personal, touching and meaningful, just reading their stories is inspiring, but also you can make your own, too!

Few of my favorite pages…

All the artists/designers featured in this book is amazing! Lots of great talents and their meaningful home projects all in one book. Highly recommended! :) xo Hijiri


Metal Marquee Alphabet Letters :: HOME. For your home or my home…

(via Vintage Embellishment)

Speaking of… we are looking for a new apartment right now… wish us luck!

Font Beverage Pitcher and such

Cool font pitcher I found at Peacock Envy at Etsy. How fun would that be to have this!

I also found letter Hs… a dozen of them!

Not sure what I would do with these if I was to get them, but they might make a cool typographic decoration depending on how you place them.

One more from Peacock Envy. Borden Co. Wood Box. I always love these vintage boxes and the types around the box! This one is no exception. Cool type!