National Stationery Show 2013 part 1


Last Sunday, I went to see the National Stationery Show at the Javits Center — it was amazing. I am so inspired and excited by all the creativity I saw!! It was really nice to see some of my favorite stationers and it was really awesome meeting new talented people, too. I snapped a few photos (not enough!), I will be posting them all here for the next few days…

The above card is from 12fifteen design + letterpress — Love the simple yet sweet card with a heart! <3 They were with the Ladies of Letterpress (can’t believe it was 2 years ago)featuring others like Ari Press, Black Heart Letterpress, Bowerbox Press, Creativity, Grey Moggie Press, Les Bois Letterpress, Noteworthy*Paper & Press, Pressbound, Steel Petal Press — Nice to meet some of you there! Couldn’t take much photos here as I was busy talking to people…

Next up is from Power & Light Press — their booth definitely caught my eye. I really like the “I bet you use Helvetica” card!



Ink Meets Paper — congratulations on their debut on NSS! It was so lovely to meet Allison and Daniel, their booth was filled with so many lovely letterpress cards. I love that their logo has a little heart like ours :)




Brainstorm — They had great posters! I first saw their work at the Renegade Craft Fair and have been a fan since.


I like the Atmosphere, Earth and Ocean series, but I really like the wild flower poster on the bottom… so lovely!

To be continued…

NSS – Ladies of Letterpress Booth

I could NOT have done the National Stationery Show without these amazing gals. They are all so professional, talented, and very fun to work with, I was really happy to be a part of this great group of people. Thank you so much to every single one of you (and your friends, spouses and families) for the wonderful show! You guys are THE BEST!!

I took everyone’s booth pictures and wanted to share — in alphabetical order, first up is:

Anemone Letterpress:

Super cute dachshund card <3 and love the colorful collections.

Cleanwash Letterpress:

There are so many funny and cute cards, made me smile :)

Dandy Lion Press:

Everything is hand-drawn by Maia, the artist, amazing stuff.

Ink Petals:

Great alphabets and numbers posters.

Lulabelle Letterpress:

Their wedding book was stunning also!

Painted Tongue Studios:

Love their beautiful nature inspired greeting cards.

Paper Lovely:

Love her simple and lovely cards <3

Studio SloMo:

These love themed cards are super cute :) <3


Co-founder of Ladies of Letterpress, Kseniya did so much for us, thank you again so much!! She had lots of beautiful invitations.

Wildhorse Press:

Love all of her colorful and fun work!

National Stationery Show Behind The Scene 2

The set up day 2 started with placing our shelves evenly and put up the vinyl logo stickers — oh boy, was it hard!

I’m short and pregnant, so my booth mates helped me (thank you!)…

but for some reason, the sticker was so not straight… so we had to stop. Luckily, I had 2 vinyl stickers (1 was a little mess-up, but that saved my life!) so we decided to peel this off with hair dryer, which Wally (Carrie‘s husband) ran back to their hotel and get for me. (Thank you again so much!!)

In the meantime, I worked on getting the first line of the alphabet greeting cards up.

and 2nd try… Wally is so tall so he helped me again here. Thank you, thank you!

whew! It looks nice and straight! I was so relieved :)

and after that, I just keep putting up all the alphabet greeting cards by using masking tape as a guide.

The second day ended here… I does take a while to put up all the cards straight and evenly by hands…

(To be continued…)

National Stationery Show Behind The Scene 1

I still can’t believe how awesome the stationery show was… I wanted to document as much as possible as a first timer (and for those of you who are thinking about exhibiting next year) so I will be sharing what went on behind the scenes first…

The set up day 1 — when we arrived, our booth was filled with crates… (none of them were ours!) and the wall was only half way installed… (see below)

Our aisle 2300 was empty!

After a while, the wall installation completed, more and more booth mates showed up, we built tables and stools…

Building time!

By the end of the day 1, most of the shelves were built, tables and chairs were built, met most of our lovely Ladies of Letterpress gals :)

(to be continued…)