National Stationery Show Behind The Scene 2

The set up day 2 started with placing our shelves evenly and put up the vinyl logo stickers — oh boy, was it hard!

I’m short and pregnant, so my booth mates helped me (thank you!)…

but for some reason, the sticker was so not straight… so we had to stop. Luckily, I had 2 vinyl stickers (1 was a little mess-up, but that saved my life!) so we decided to peel this off with hair dryer, which Wally (Carrie‘s husband) ran back to their hotel and get for me. (Thank you again so much!!)

In the meantime, I worked on getting the first line of the alphabet greeting cards up.

and 2nd try… Wally is so tall so he helped me again here. Thank you, thank you!

whew! It looks nice and straight! I was so relieved :)

and after that, I just keep putting up all the alphabet greeting cards by using masking tape as a guide.

The second day ended here… I does take a while to put up all the cards straight and evenly by hands…

(To be continued…)