New 5×7 Letterpress Prints

I have few new 5×7 letterpress prints in my new shop! Let me introduce…

Lace Heart Letterpress Print in Blue (Love the color):

LOVE Letterpress Print 5×7 in Red (100 of them went to UPPERCASE issue 8 — letterpress issue!):

LOVE Letterpress Print 5×7 in Yellow:

and SMILE in Yellow is back!

Happy Friday, everyone! Love and Smile to you all :)

New Colors: Lace Heart Letterpress Prints

Just printed and listed at my etsy shop. They are very limited in quantity so please grab them :)

Lace Heart Letterpress Print 5×7 in red:

Lace Heart Letterpress Print 5×7 in key lime green:

Lace Heart Letterpress Print 5×7 in yellow:

Lots of love to you :) xo Hijiri

***This was my 1000th post!!! Wow, 1000 inspirations!!!***


I made some custom mini print for myself yesterday… “FLOSS”! I know, it’s little random, but I always forget flossing my teeth, which I am supposed to everyday, and our bathroom needed (well, I wanted) one more art on the wall so why not remind myself to floss everyday while I’m in the bathroom!

I picked this pretty blue to match our toothbrush holder / soap holder…

Wood type setting:


I printed 12 or so… (it just doesn’t make sense to print one…)


It is 5×7, fits in the 5×7 standard frame perfectly and it looks great in our bathroom!




Now I have no excuse. I am going to floss everyday.

The rest of the 11 prints are available at my shop… :) — ALL SOLD OUT now, thank you so much!!!