Baby Wed: DIY Burp Cloths

For Baby Wednesday, I wanted to share this cute DIY burp cloths instruction over at petite lemon blog. Burp cloths are essential and you can never have too many and these are great little DIY you can do for your baby or friends’ babies as presents. Click here for a whole instruction!

Cute Wooden Teether

Came across these cute wooden teethers — A heart teether and a dachshund teether. I want to get one for Mili, but this is so hard… maybe I should get them both! :)

Happy baby Wednesday!

Baby Wed: Design For MiniKind

The always lovely Erin from the Design for Mankind has launched the Design for MiniKind and it immediately became my daily read :) Just wanted to spread the words and send love to soon-to-be-a-mom Erin. Congratulations!! :) xo Hijiri

In-Flight Toys From ANA


We flew with ANA from JFK to Narita, Haneda to Takamatsu both ways, total of 4 flights and look what they gave Mili :) She actually got the same wooden airplane twice so we gave one to her cousin. Unfortunately, both wooden airplane and the apple toy say not to put it in mouth so I couldn’t give neither of them to Mili since all she does is to put everything in her mouth… but it’ll be a good souvenir. The book has two stories — when you open from the top it’ll be a story about pilot’s day and when you open from the bottom, it’ll be a story about flight-attendant’s day. She liked it :)


As for the flight… we had a bassinet that hangs from the wall, but Mili only used it for like 1 hour out of 13-14 hours both ways… (sigh) Above is the picture within that 1 hour of usage… (left is on the way there, right is on the way back — she slept here for like 10 min it was a miracle)


On our way back though, she could sit all by herself so it was easy for her (and us!) to sit here and play around. Still she preferred being held by me, though…

Just glad everything went okay and that it’s over for a while!