LWYL Special Edition 2010

Last year, I printed the LWYL special edition in black with red heart… and this year 2010, I printed the special edition in… one of my favorite color combinations, gray with hot pink heart! I really had fun printing as the heart always makes me happy :)

Type setting without letter “O” — yup, there would be a heart there…

Adjusting the placement.. I love the accidental typographic art. So great.

When everything is set, just print away…

Next, set the curved linoleum heart in the place in between where the letter L and V were placed.

Hand mixed hot pink on the press…

a pink heart :)

Even though you thought you placed in the right place, you always have to adjust around until you have it right.

and there it is!

Live What You Love Special Edition 2010:

I hope you enjoy the process and the new print!

p.s I printed more orange, too… It had been out of stock for a while… but it’s back :)

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