Origami Font

I got a newsletter from the Center for Book Arts the other day and inside, there was this image — the title “History of Art” all made with origami — made me look!

Souvenir Score Card

Fenway park

We went to a ballgame at the Fenway Park last night to celebrate Randy’s birthday a little early. I love this stadium, it’s the classic old one and the fact that was Mili’s first baseball game made it even more special!

I found this old Souvenir Score Card while walking around the stadium and I had to take a photo and share. How cool is this typography?! SO good! And it’s from 78 years ago. Such a timeless piece… Made me really happy!

And this made me really happy, too :)


Heart Alphabet

Came across this heart alphabet! Created by New York based freelance illustrator, designer and artist Thomas Fuchs.


(found via Type Theory)

Heart Fish hearts HEART! :)


I am loving this font called Phaeton from Veer. You can design something classic and elegant with just this one font — would be so great for wedding invitations or restaurant menus etc.


Look at these little cute icons of people! Yes, this is included in the font. Fun!


A little tryout… :)